Your global linguistic recruitment partner, fostering business worldwide

Our analysts seek out the very best human resources from around the world. We leverage our worldwide reach built up over the last 20 years to put you in touch with them. We attract and entice them into your corporate functions, placing them in-house under your direct local management. We train and support them at each stage so that their brilliant ideas can be injected into your projects.

Software Testers

Our specialist resources test your software applications and OS, to ensure that the localized product is fully functional, linguistically accurate, and that no issues have been introduced during the localization process.

We help improve the quality, functionality, cultural adaptability and suitability of the product.

Data Analysts

Our data analysis team studies the different types of data used for geographic systems and automated speech systems, creating or analyzing transcripts.

Our linguistic analysts work on dictionary or lexicon projects, structuring and analyzing data to make sense of it. This data can be used to facilitate interaction between people and devices.

Language Experts

Expand your international presence with our end-to-end multilingual translation services.

We source specialized translators with the industry and domain experience to understand the subject matter. Our translators have first hand knowledge of the products they are writing about.

Our reviewers carefully check and validate the translated content. Again these are people highly skilled in the operation of specific products, using proprietary systems and tools.

We provide full adaptation of Idioms and expressions that are either typical of a nation within a family of languages (such as US vs UK English, Spanish vs Latin American Spanish, or Portuguese vs Brazilian Portuguese) or belonging to a technical academic domain (financial, medical, engineering, etc.), by clearing any ambiguity or hindrance to the correct localization of content.

Content Producers


Selecting the right copywriters for each project is a skill in itself. With a diverse range of experience and skills among our team, we are able to match the best copywriter to every project. Our copywriters will ask the right questions and conduct research drawing on appropriate sources of information approved by you. They will then create content tailored to your brand and target market.

Copy Editors

Our copy editing team has wide experience in the revision of all types of texts and can ensure your text is pitch perfect and error-free. All our copy editors are native speakers of the language being reviewed.

Interns - talents for tomorrow

LocalEyes is keen to foster, encourage and train new talent. Our procurement team maintains close relations with universities, running internship programmed for young people.

We provide them with a thorough introduction to the industry, preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of the future.