Making your content relevant and powerful worldwide

The LocalEyes worldwide network of linguists and translators delivers top quality content tailored to your target markets. Our resources are expert in all your fields and have an intimate knowledge of their local market and culture, handling all languages for all time zones. Our experienced project managers and state-of-the-art workflow methodology assure the very best scalable end-to-end solutions for multilingual projects.



We manage each step of the highly delicate process of software localization:

  • Extraction of textual content from code strings
  • Actual translation
  • Adaptation of interface
  • Software engineering
  • Testing and quality control
  • Localization of all document, packaging and marketing materials

Our language skills and proficiency with localization engineering technologies mean we can handle crucial elements such as GUI items, error messages, help pages and documentation materials, helping the customer gain a real competitive edge.


We make your website content globally available, providing full multi-language content localization and effective continuing maintenance.

We can develop custom plugins for the most popular CMS to make it easier to manage the localization process from the back office.

We can also support you in the design, development and implementation of an internationalization-ready corporate website.

We can transform your global website into any number of genuine country-specific web experiences.


If you create or market apps, you need a partner who can turn them into genuine local experiences.
We are that partner, providing all the necessary language workflow steps for your apps:

  • Localization of metadata and descriptions for the online store front page
  • Support in designing an app with internationalization in mind
  • Creation of translatable user-visible texts and images
  • Use of APIs to express and manage cross-local values (e.g. dates, lengths, weights, price and currency symbols).
  • Extra engineering to ensure user-generated text is accepted in any language (and in multiple languages), independent of the localized UI
  • UI localization (NIB files, text, icons, graphics, audio, video).

E-Learning and Training

We can provide industry-specific terminology and full localized functionality for all of your e-learning and educational content and platforms:

  • CBT (Computer-based Training)
  • WBT (Web-based Training)
  • SCORM-compliant training courses
  • Assessment tests and programs
  • Multimedia development applications
  • Learning Management & Learning Content Management systems.

Multimedia & Social Media

We handle all your needs in terms of audio localization and production, corporate and audio/visual presentations, digital movie productions, videogames and multimedia products, providing:

  • Background research and cultural consistency
  • High-quality translation and adaptation of scripts
  • Casting of professional native voice talents
  • Full professional audio recording and production
  • Voiceover recordings and dubbings
  • Multilingual subtitle translation and synchronization
  • Final output engineering.

Marketing & Financial

With any global product launch, it is crucial to maintain style, tone and positioning while also recognizing and respecting the cultural differences of each target market.

We can help you develop and adapt your international advertising campaigns and communication tools.

Our native professionals ensure that your translated message is tailored to the local market, maintaining your marketing style and that you have total control over corporate and brand identity.

The same applies to the translation of all your financial documents. Our PMs and qualified professional linguists work to ensure that translated documents are high quality, on time and within budget.


We specialize in the translation of technical documents, using a wide network of in-house and freelance professionals. Their extensive experience and qualifications ensure a consistent level of quality and expertise in the most demanding and specialized domains.

Our dedicated PMs monitor and manage these translators and linguists, liaising closely with the client. We understand that two-way communication with the client is key to a quality end result.

Language Services

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

When a document or a page is professionally translated, the original layout needs to be maintained.

Our DTP specialists work with the translators to create an accurate ready-to-publish version of the original page layout.

To achieve such top-quality results, we deploy the latest word-processing, page-layout and graphic software programs for PC and Mac, including: Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Keynote, Pages, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Interleaf, Corel Ventura, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop and the Microsoft Office Suite.

Copywriting & Editorial Support

Our specialized copywriters and editors convey through your chosen type of media all the content that are vital to your communication within your industry and domain experience.

We process a wide range search on appropriate sources and proceed with creating tailored content through constant Q&A-input-verification sessions with you. Your branding and market targeting plans are thoroughly supported by original content and careful disambiguation of communication.

QA Testing

A new multi-language product needs to be free of any faults or mistakes.

Not only should every localized version be linguistically excellent, but it is also crucial to make sure that the localization process hasn’t compromised functionality.

We cover all of this. Our management and production teams constantly interact throughout the localization workflow to ensure that every aspect complies with our strict Quality Assurance (QA) procedures. Our internal QA engineers perform all necessary tests and solve any technical problems or configuration bugs that may arise.

Multilingual SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is now a convenient and cost-effective way to penetrate new markets. Consumers naturally start by searching for services/products in their native language, so your aim is to pop up when they look for something in that language.

We help you deal with all cultural and linguistic differences and complexities, ensuring that SEO is integrated into your localization process.

We offer:

  • Investigation of key search terms used by local users
  • Integration of such terms into your professionally translated website
  • Integration and alignment with the terminology data management system
  • Provision of search engine-optimized Web localizations
  • Search engine-optimized translation of documentation
  • Multilingual optimization of localized web site code
  • Globalization of website resources for worldwide visibility
  • Registration with all major international search engines

Language Know how

Localization engineering

Do you want to speak your customers’ language and make the sale? Team up with LocalEyes for end-to-end localization services.

You need to translate your software product and ensure it runs first time out of the box in your new language. Localization engineering is the extra step to take after translation to ensure that an application is available in multiple languages and functions in them.

We work with complex file types. After translation and DTP there is the whole process of bringing everything together, compiling the iBook, the interactive content, which is an integral part of the localization engineering process.

Terminology management

We manage terminology, meaning we help define a style guide for clients and to create a terminology database.

We interact with content writers and content validators, working with them to define key terms and ensure that they are understood correctly and translated directly across different products

Management of translation memories

Translation memories can aid the localization process, dramatically improving both quality and efficiency.

All your previous translations can be stored for future use so you never end up translating the same sentence twice.

Translation memories are a precious resource for quality assurance of your content, for optimizing your workflow: TMs accelerate project completion and therefore they boost both workflow and revenues.

Our process of managing and storing translation memories brings an enhanced capability to your workflow by ensuring the correct memory is applied to your project, bringing your content to an unprecedented level of quality.

Content Curation

Our content curators are country specialists with very specific vertical experience. Their role is to select content and their providers, services, and information, etc., for the selected field.

They also work to match people’s preferences and skills with content so that communication doesn’t feel like spam but more like an anticipation of their needs.

Their role also involves building and pushing specific activities, business proposals, projects, and ideas that can involve the community of people managed by social based platforms.